Terms and conditions of use

1. Offers and agreements

If ShotwithLove.dk submits an offer, it is binding on ShotwithLove.dk 14 days from the date of submission of the offer.

An agreement is made when ShotwithLove.dk accepts the order.

Color deviations of +/- 5% may occur with Photoprint.

There may be variations in size between the printed matter. From +/- 2mm to 2%

In ShotwithLove.dk you can pay with: 

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2. Price

Current prices will always appear on ShotwithLove.dk. All prices mentioned are in Danish kroner (DKK) incl. 25% Danish VAT and any taxes. ShotwithLove.dk reserves the right to change prices freely without prior notice. As prices may change without notice, it is your duty to always check that the total purchase price matches the expected cost of the purchase before you initiate your order.

If increases in wages, material prices, government fees or other costs occur within the time leading up to the delivery, ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to regulate the price with such documented increases.

In addition to the offered or agreed price, ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to claim payment for:

Work that accrues as a result of the basic material the customer has provided ShotwithLove.dk, turns out to be incomplete, unsuitable or incomplete or corrections are made to the material supplied after the work has begun. If the price for this work exceeds DKK 300, ShotwithLove.dk informs before the work is started.

All prices are calculated for delivery at ShotwithLove.dk address in Solbjerg (Pilevangen 18, 8355 Solbjerg). Costs for transport beyond this address and for transport insurance are paid by the customer in addition to the agreed price. ShotwithLove.dk will order the insurance on behalf of the client if they draw attention to it. If the client wishes - and assumes ShotwithLove.dk - to keep finished work that is not the supplier's, the customer pays the remuneration in addition to the agreed price.

3. Delivery

We ship with DAO, GLS, PostNord, which delivers the day after 95% of the time - however it can take up to 7 days. ShotwithLove has no influence on postal delivery times and cannot be held responsible for delays.

With the above mentioned reservations, delivery takes place at the time agreed with the customer. If no such delivery time is agreed, delivery will take place when ShotwithLove.dk work is complete.

If delivery is delayed or prevented due to any of the aforementioned circumstances or the customer's act or omission, ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to a corresponding extension of the delivery time or to cancel the agreement. Should an event such as the above cause the fulfillment of ShotwithLove.dk delivery obligations to be increased for ShotwithLove.dk, ShotwithLove.dk is obliged to implement these if the customer declares to indemnify ShotwithLove.dk by payment of the additional price calculated by ShotwithLove.dk.

The place of delivery is ShotwithLove.dk business premises. All shipping beyond the boundaries of the place is at the customer's expense, risk. ShotwithLove.dk is obliged to take out transport insurance at the customer's request and at his expense.

4. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, payment will be made when the order is shipped or picked up. Interest accrues from the due date at 2% per annum. commencement month.

At ShotwithLove.dk's request, the customer is obliged at all times to provide a bank guarantee as security for payment. If the request is made after the agreement has been concluded, ShotwithLove.dk is obliged to release the client for any costs associated with this.

If the customer's circumstances cause an agreement to not be carried out continuously, ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to partial invoicing.

5. Property conditions

All items from ShotwithLove.dk - remain for final payment of all claims Shot with Love property.

6. Ownership, copyright, etc.

Sketches, layout, interest drawing, text suggestions, templates and the like. irrespective of the technique these are manufactured and regardless of the manner in which they are stored, ShotwithLove.dk belongs and must not be left to third parties without ShotwithLove.dk's approval.

What ShotwithLove.dk has provided or allowed to be used for delivery, be it processed or intermediate products, such as reproduction and printing media, regardless of the technique they are manufactured and in which way they are stored, and tools such as punching, stamping or welding tools are the property of ShotwithLove.dk and cannot be required to be delivered after the work has been done. This applies regardless of whether the invoice provided is separately invoiced.

The product may only be used for works for the client and may only be stored by agreement.

In order to use a design you must have full rights to it. If in doubt or doubt, you must confirm your ownership or seek permission from the copyright owner.

When you order from us, you accept the following terms:

- I hold commercial rights to reproduce the design.

- If for some reason the legal owner of this design contacts Shot with Love, they will be directed to me.

- I understand that illegal use of third party content.

7. Delay

If delays occur, the customer is entitled to cancel the agreement with the following reservation, provided that, at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, he has specified the importance of delivery at the exact time.

8. Missing

ShotwithLove.dk can only be held liable if there is an approved proof print.

Minor deviations from the approved test or agreed specification do not justify the ordering of price reductions or refusing to accept the ordered.

ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to more or less delivery of up to 10% of agreed storage. In cases where paper or other material is specially manufactured for the order by other than ShotwithLove.dk, ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to a reasonable additional or minor delivery in excess of 10% of agreed storage, but at most corresponding to the material supplier's delivery condition.

If the delivery proves to be defective, the customer is obliged to immediately advertise on this. If no complaint is made or the customer does not make a complaint within 8 days of delivery, the customer loses the right to claim the defect. ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to remedy a defect if this can be done within a reasonable time.

Shot with Love does not owe any liability for goods supplied by the customer. The obligation to pay compensation applies only to pressure. Complaints must be made within 8 days of receipt of order.

If the customer himself provides paper or other items for the delivery, ShotwithLove.dk will not be liable for errors or defects attributable thereto.

9. Responsibility

In the event of a delay in - and in the event of - defects in the delivered, ShotwithLove.dk has no responsibility where the delay or defect is due to errors in or damage to production equipment that has proven to cause delay or damage to the production, in the event of any work conflict of any kind. nature and otherwise any circumstances over which ShotwithLove.dk is not a master, such as fire, water damage, natural disasters, war, mobilization or unforeseen military summons of similar scope, requisition, seizure, riot, disturbance, currency restrictions, lack of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, restrictions on driving force, export and import ban and other force majeure situation.

Delay or defective delivery shall be subject to exemption from liability if the reason for the subcontractor's delay or failure to perform is the said circumstances or the termination of the business.

In the event of a delay or in the event of defects in the deliveries, ShotwithLove.dk will not be liable for operating losses, loss of profit or other indirect losses, including losses due to the client's legal relationship with the third party.

ShotwithLove.dk has no responsibility for the ordering authority's failure to reproduce, reproduce or publish writing, drawings, patterns, illustrations, texts, trademarks, other business characteristics and other goods including design or other that may be subject to the rights of third parties. If ShotwithLove.dk incurs liability to third parties in connection with the client's lack of authority to exercise the third party's additional rights, the client holds ShotwithLove.dk indemnified for such liability.

ShotwithLove.dk has no responsibility for loss or damage to property, such as originals, materials, etc. which is not ShotwithLove.dks, but which is left to this by the client for storage, including storage of work done by ShotwithLove.dk, however, ShotwithLove.dk is liable if it is proven that the loss or damage was caused by gross negligent conduct by ShotwithLove.dk. The orderer must himself insure the item against damage and damage. If material is required to be returned, this must be clearly stated when delivering the material - for this it must be delivered with postage return packaging.

10. Subcontractors

ShotwithLove.dk is entitled to have all or part of the work done by subcontractors.

11. The Purchase Act

Danish Legislation, including the Purchase Act, applies to this agreement to the extent that the legal status is not defined in the text of the agreement or these terms of sale and delivery. Any dispute regarding the interpretation of the agreement or the fulfillment and enforcement of the terms can only be brought before Danish courts in accordance with Danish legal rules.

12. Right of withdrawal

The customer can cancel an order until ShotwithLove.dk starts producing it.

13. Right of complaint

The Purchasing Act deficiencies apply. Errors due to low file resolution or incorrect image format selection are not covered by the warranty. Please refer to the description in ShotwithLove.dk's help function for the best possible result.   If you want to complain an order, we recommend that you first come to the store or send an e-mail to info@shotwithlove.dk, which subsequently indicates how to deal with the situation. Please contact us as soon as possible and no later than 24 months after purchase.

By arrangement, the order can be sent to:

Shot with Love

Pilevangen 18

8355 Solbjerg

If the complaint is justified, we will of course reimburse your (reasonable) shipping costs if this is to be sent. Note! We do not receive parcels sent by mail. claims or similar. Remember that the order must always be returned in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt for shipping so that we can reimburse your shipping costs. If we are unable to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board at www.forbrug.dk if the conditions for this are fulfilled.

14. Personal Data

The Customer warrants that the disclosure obligation in accordance with the Personal Data Regulation towards the registered persons in the material to be used for the supplier's solution and subsequent storage of the task at the supplier has been observed. If you want to delete your customer account you can write an email to info@shotwithlove.dk and we will delete it as soon as possible.