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Behind the scene

At Shot with Love we love photos! Photos give us a unique opportunity to tell and reproduce our personal, unique stories. Whether it is photos of the little everyday moments, holiday pictures, photos from events or professional study and landscape pictures, they all help us relive big and small experiences in our lives. Therefore, your photos deserve to be printed on products of the highest quality.

In the Nordics, they have perfected that sentiment to a fine art. Elegantly blending functionality and minimalism, Scandinavian design is underpinned by a democratic ideal of utility and accessibility. The result? Stunning wall art for the home.

Our success


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Our success lies not only in our focus on high quality and customer satisfaction, but also in our ability to adapt to a constantly changing world. In order to ensure an always high quality, innovation is an important keyword for us. We work innovatively with everything from developing to introducing new photo products and design opportunities.

At Shot with Love, we are passionate about interiors and specifically Scandinavian design. Our business idea is simple: stylilsh wall art should be affordable to everyone. At Shot with Love, you will find Scandinavia’s widest range of posters. We frequently add new items to our range, in order to keep abreast of the latest interior and Scandinavian designs. We have something to suit every room and style of interior.


Sometimes less is more when it comes to art prints.

I love the magic of nature and that is the feeling and love that I want to share with and convey in my images. I hope you will feel it too!