What is the difference between matte, glossy or semi glossy paper ?

What is the difference between matte, glossy or semi glossy paper ?

In this guide, we help you choose the paper type that best suits your digital printing needs by looking at some of the different weights available at our shop and the most common paper types we use.

When you are about to get your first prints to your living room or bedroom, you need to pick the proper kind of paper to be used. In our web shop you can choose from 4 different kind of papers when it comes to print. 

Mat Coated 180g

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Matte paper

Matte paper has a more muted feel to it. This can be used to great effect in designs with a light or pastel color scheme, and in designs with a great deal of text on it. Because matte paper changes less under the light, they also have more of a “flat” feel than gloss sheets. If the final product is intended to be printed text on with a ballpoint pen, then matte is the recommended paper type

Semi Gloss 200g

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Semi-Gloss paper

Semi-Gloss papers are best described as falling between matte and glossy papers. They tend to have texture, but less so than a matte paper, meaning they offer a reduced glare. However, they also offer a wider colour range, like glossy papers do. This makes Semi-Gloss papers popular for a variety of uses. Kinds of Semi-Gloss finishes include pearl, lustre, or satin.

Canvas 350g

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Canvas style

Canvas paper is often a blend of polyester and cotton, and is designed to be used with an inkjet printer. Canvas is particularly durable and can accommodate lower quality images that might not be good enough to print on photo paper. However, like photo paper, canvas can come in a variety of finishes that will affect the look of your image. These include glossy or satin finishes for a sharp, professional look. 100% cotton canvas is usually coated with a high-res inkjet coating to prevent bleeding and provide bold colours.

Glossy photo paper

Glossy photo paper is shinier—this makes the color in your images “pop” on the sheet. The extra shine works well on print files with heavy color coverage, especially photographs and big graphics. This effect also makes the color on the photo prints look like they have higher contrast.

One of the first questions are: matte or glossy paper? So what does matte and canvas means? and what about glossy or Canon Pearl? Well, the difference between matte and glossy paper is shininess (or its lack) of the paper.

This difference is most apparent when you flip the sheets of paper under the light. The two paper types look and feel different to the touch, but they’re actually manufactured in a very similar manner. Believe it or not, matte paper uses the same chemical coating as gloss paper.

Gloss paper has more coating applied than matte paper.  Matte paper has a semi-gloss finish, produces high quality prints, but lacks the vibrant effects of gloss paper. Matte paper produces no glare and is resistant to smudging and imprints left by fingerprints.

When choosing between matte and glossy paper…

The biggest factor when you choose between matte and glossy paper is the kinds of content that you’re printing. How many photographs, graphic designs/illustrations, and articles of text do you have in your prints?